Although depression lurks all around my mind and have been finding it difficult at times to even want to open the blinds and let a new day in, I recently came to realize that a friends pain dwarfs mine in comparison. The pain of a broken heart is the hurt you can’t see past and will always wonder when it will finally leave your soul so you you can move on. Even though I can understand this pain for I have gone through it before, I can never begin to know how deep it is buried in her heart. In time the sadness will relinquish its hold over her mind, body and soul, and especially her heart. I can only wish for it to find her in such a swift way that there is no clock that could record its speed.

She is much too humble and modest a person to know that she is the most beautiful person I know inside and out, and all she has to offer with some of the most amazing qualities that could bring most men to their knees. Sincerity, sense of humor, loyalty, kind and caring are some and of course there is the obvious like her beauty and smile that will warm your soul even when its freezing all around you. Then there is the one unique and rare quality that very few have, I myself have it which sometimes carries with it a life sentence of the deepest heart wrenching pain that any individual should not have to feel. It is because she is truly capable of expressing the only love that can overcome all obstacles which is unconditional love. So to her I say be patient and I will be willing to do anything to help you and be there as a friend when the time comes that the pain begins to subside and that light at the end of the tunnel starts to glow brighter and brighter. Then her confidence will return and she will once again realize that anyone who can’t see all she is and can bring into your life doesn’t even deserve to speak her name.

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