Journaling Towards Self-Empowerment
We understand our emotions through the lens of our traumatic experiences, and must seek healthy ways to manage them in order to refrain from self-destruction. If you find yourself emotionally overwhelmed and engaging in self-destructive behaviors, you can transform your emotions through the practice of journaling into self-empowerment.
The Therapeutic Effects of Storytelling in Journaling
If you have gone through or are going through loss or a traumatic event, storytelling will help you release the weight of sadness, stress, and spirals from cluttering your mind. This article will focus on the biological role storytelling plays in developing self-awareness and self-confidence for your well-being.
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Journaling: A Healing Process For Mental Health and Spiritual Growth
Journaling is a form of expressive writing where you write to creatively express your feelings and emotions onto paper.  Research studies indicate that expressive writing is instrumental in the recovery process for people experiencing mental health issues because it enhances an understanding of their emotions and self-identity. Journaling specifically becomes therapeutic because you are in a private space, coming in...
Journaling During a Pandemic
Journaling allows you to take a break from the world--a break from the news, social media, and the things that create anxiety in your life. Take time to write about the mundane and the painful, the interesting and the confusing. Whether you journal on paper or a screen, writing helps to give you a space of peace, if only for...
Journaling to Process Anxiety
Capturing daily life on a page... is especially critical in 2020. Taking time to digest events is important, though it may seem overwhelming and you may want to ignore the source of your anxiety (Somarriba, 2020).