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The Benefits of Doing Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages
Making the Morning Pages a part of your daily routine is beneficial for your mental health and helps your process difficult emotions.
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Conquer Negativity With Awareness and a Cup of Tea
We’re drawn to negative bias, which is the human tendency to focus on negative experiences, instead of positive or neutral ones.
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Journaling Exercises to Counter Catastrophizing
When you reevaluate the risks associated with your worries, you can counter catastrophizing. Here are exercises to change how you think.
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Emotional Intelligence: The Practical Need and Common Misconception
Emotional intelligence makes a person better in every sphere of life because of the understanding you have of yourself.
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How to Build a Journaling Habit
Journaling has many proven life-changing benefits. It is an incredible tool for self-reflection, self-awareness, and processing intense emotions. But in order to experience all its effects, you must make journaling a part of your daily routine.
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Support Groups Reduce Loneliness and Fight Depression
For people who already had poor quality social circles, low self-esteem, guardedness, and hypervigilance are frequent aspects of their daily lives. This can cause a cycle of distance which can lead into depression. What can we do for these people? Bring them into honest and communicative support groups. 
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How Encouraging Yourself to Stay Present Can Forbear Crippling Notions
It’s our responsibility to check-in when necessary to stay grounded. Present-moment awareness can maximize life. We must stay in-tuned with ourselves and keep a gentle mindset.
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Journaling Can Retrain Your Brain to Think Positive
Writing is beneficial for mental health in many ways, but specifically, journaling can retrain your brain to think positively in three easy steps.
Manifestation Journaling
Manifestation journaling is a great way to bring to life your dreams and goals. When you put out positive energy, that energy will circle back and reward you in the best way possible. Leading a life of healthy, good vibrations can strengthen your mental and provide you the confidence to achieve your dreams.
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Journaling to Overcome Grief
Grief journaling is an effective healing tool to help you cope with events in your life that lead to emotional pain and loss.
Healing Sexual Trauma through Expressive Writing 
The aftermath of sexual trauma is something that follows you over the course of your life. Expressive writing is an amazing tool that can help you let go and provides a space to reflect and accept.
Transmuting Shadow Work into Shadow Play: The Relationship Between Movement and Personal Power
By Clara Fortuna Sol    Hello Darkness, My Old Friend Most of us probably aren’t workaholics. We reset our alarms and procrastinate on projects. We prepare quick meals and delay social plans, sometimes ghosting friends and family. As we neglect ourselves, we sometimes use others to get what we want, treating them as resources rather than people. We choose instant...
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Journaling to Manage Stress
Journaling can mange stress by helping you process emotions through a narrative to prevent chronic stress from impacting your health.
Meditation Journaling 
Meditation journaling combines the calming and eye-opening aspects of meditation with the release that comes from expressing yourself through journaling. Meditation journaling helps you practice mindfulness and allows you to be more aware of your surroundings and the present moment. Take deep breaths and pour your heart onto paper. Let the tension from your body be released and lead a...
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Healing Trauma through Journaling and Storytelling 
Journaling heals trauma through storytelling by helping you gain self-awareness, explore your self-identity, and process your emotions.