pile of self-help books
The Failures of Self-help
Self-help books don't work for many people and it's not always their fault. The industry comes with a lot of wasted paper.
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Coming Apart Can Also Be Beautiful
How difficult is it to accept that we will never see our loved one(s)—no matter who or what that looks like to everyone—ever again?
A woman smiles and presses her hands gently to her ears.
Intuitive Journaling: the Specter of Perfectionism
While many function best with a routine, others feel that journaling can simply become another stressor or chore.
Taking a walk
Little Things: Why They Matter
The little things are the consequential things we do that seem insignificant in today's society. Things that help our mental and physical...
tornado destroying town
Rumination: Calming The Tornado Mind
Rumination extends negative moods and worsens mental illnesses, so people should refrain from lots of moody abstract pondering.
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How to Improve Your Fiction Writing Through Journaling
Fiction uses both the technical elements of writing, and the emotional components. If you’re looking to improve your fiction, try journaling.
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Gentle Hearts Forgive
Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines forgiveness as the act of forgiving. But what does "forgiving" mean exactly?
Girl dreaming
The Benefits of Keeping a Dream Journal
Keeping a dream journal can help you to remember more of your dreams and capture important details that may have been forgotten over time.
Inner peace within
Inner Peace: The State of Your Mind
Inner peace is the calm and comfort you find within yourself regardless of how uncertain and chaotic your circumstances get.
A women sits and writes in her journal
Combating Suicidality With Writing
Mindfulness allows for a patient to learn how to calm their body down in times of distress, including suicidal ideation.
Bibliotherapy with Coffee
The Healing Powers of Storytelling
Bibliotherapy involves storytelling. It focuses on an individual's relationship to the content of books and poetry, and other written words. 
A man’s daily routine is shown around an analog clock, depicting his day from morning to evening
Journaling and Routine
Keeping a daily journal requires a relatively small portion of time and provides many with a sense of relief.
# perfectly Imperfect
Dilute Depression with Self-Compassion
Reducing the amount we bully ourselves with harsh words and increasing our self-compassion can ease depression.
A woman ponders the many emotions pulling her in different directions
Journaling and Dissociation: A Wandering Mind
Journaling has emerged as a method to recontextualize, presenting the opportunity to soothe traumatic memories.