Schizophrenic Mind
A Glimpse Into Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness and it should be taken seriously and treated urgently. It's a treatable brain disease and it is often believed otherwise.
divorce aesthetic irony
Mental Health Doesn’t Hold a Checklist Against Separation and Divorce
Going through a separation or divorce can be difficult, no matter the reason. There is no timeline for recovery. No checklist, just time.
Team Challenge
Learning How to Face Challenges Head-on
We face various challenges that test our abilities and require significant effort to overcome.
Mental challenge
Learning to Be Mentally Tough
When it comes to developing mental toughness in a world that can often feel overwhelming, there are some effective strategies to keep in mind.
Self-Awareness: Learning to Understand Yourself Better
Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It involves being aware of your strengths.
Rainbow slashes through blue man sitting on a bed.
Reasons Why LGBT+ Mental Health Is Tragic
LGBT+ people attempt suicide 14 times more than the cis and heterosexual population. No, it’s not because they go against the natural order of the world. LGBT+ people have to go through a lot of bullying, internalized phobia, medical discrimination, and misdiagnosis. 
Hobby Aesthetic
When Feeling Blue, Find a Hobby
Hobbies are pathways that allow us to do something for the mere enjoyment of it, and we feel empowered by finding purpose and freedom in it.
woman kneels at confessional cabinet
Why You Should Try Confessional Writing
Confessional writing is great for defining yourself, working through conflicts, and processing emotions. You should give it a shot.
Slow Dance Aesthetic
Dance With Change Like You Would in a Slow Song
Change is an inevitable part of life and the key is here, my dear readers: to become adaptable by navigating and coping through change.
Angry reaction
Anger: Learning How to Control Embarrassing Outbursts
Anger is a feeling that everybody feels one way or another. It becomes embarrassing when we don't have control over our actions.
Jealous thought
Jealousy: A Toxic Trait That Resides in Us
Jealousy isn't always toxic; with the right amount of maturity, a jealous partner is a sign that they still love and care about you.
toxic behavior
Toxic Behaviors: Identifying Them in Ourselves
A toxic person is anyone whose behavior adds stress, negativity, and upset to the lives of those who care about them.
Write without fear. Edit without mercy.
How to Impress Your Writing Group
So, you want to bring raw skill to your writing group. Here’s six tips to get your fellow journal artists invested in your writing.
Mood Swings are like Coffee Orders
Mood Swings: A Whimsical Frame of Mind
Have you ever gone from happy to irate, from one minute to the next? A mood swing is an abrupt change that our mood experiences.
toxic person
Toxic People: Dealing With Them
A toxic person is anyone whose behavior adds stress, negativity, and upset to the lives of those who care about them.