Jealous thought
Jealousy: A Toxic Trait That Resides in Us
Jealousy isn't always toxic; with the right amount of maturity, a jealous partner is a sign that they still love and care about you.
Mood Swings are like Coffee Orders
Mood Swings: A Whimsical Frame of Mind
Have you ever gone from happy to irate, from one minute to the next? A mood swing is an abrupt change that our mood experiences.
Write without fear. Edit without mercy.
How to Impress Your Writing Group
So, you want to bring raw skill to your writing group. Here’s six tips to get your fellow journal artists invested in your writing.
toxic behavior
Toxic Behaviors: Identifying Them in Ourselves
A toxic person is anyone whose behavior adds stress, negativity, and upset to the lives of those who care about them.
toxic person
Toxic People: Dealing With Them
A toxic person is anyone whose behavior adds stress, negativity, and upset to the lives of those who care about them.
Man and Woman holding hands and running through a field.
Looking For a Healthy Relationship 
To have a healthy relationship, find emotionally mature people to join, evaluate your attachment style and try to act opposite its nature. 
Trauma Healing Aesthetic
Trauma, I Will Heal
We’ve all experienced trauma one way or another. It can happen in many ways on different levels. It’s more of an experience than an event.
mental health awareness
Taking Care of Our Mental Health
Amidst all the chaos and ideologies this century has brought, awareness of mental health is one of the positives.
woman feeling her mental health
Writing the Alters
Dissociative identity disorder often leaves the individual with questions about how their mind functions. Writing is helpful to document it.
Knots Aesthetic
Dear Resentment: It’s Not You, It’s Me
According to Good Therapy, resentment can be defined as anger and indignation experienced as a result of unfair treatment.
black and white photos of children
How Mental Illness Affects Memory
Here’s how depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) affect people’s memory.
habit of gratitude
Habit: Changing Them to Favor Us
A habit is a behavioral pattern acquired by frequent repetition of psychological exposure that shows itself in regularity
Observing mindfully.
Tolerance: An Outstanding Yet Complicated Virtue
Tolerance is the outstanding ability or willingness to endure the existence of opinions or behaviors that one dislikes or disagrees with
People walking buy a table of new books
Self-Publishing With The Love Story
Three published authors give advice on successful self-publishing with professionalism, finances, and marketing.
candles for mental health
Intertwining Our Daily With Mental Health
Mental health is not a separate part of our lives, it’s entirely intertwined with it. It can be compared to the texture of a woven basket.