Gluing Together the Pieces

I gave my heart to my first love, and when he broke it I shattered in a million pieces. I thought he was the one, and I pictured us having a future together. I realize now that he never really cared for me. I was a stepping stone for him to become the more accomplished person he desperately sought to be, while I was left depressed and sinking into a dark pit I thought I would never come out of. I didn’t believe in love after that, and dating was only a mindless game to relieve the numbness I felt. But only a few months ago, I finally met a man who loves me back. And although this time I am scared as hell to give him my heart, I know I have his to take care of now too and not just my own. It is a new feeling to love him and for him to love me, and it feels good. Finally, after two years, I can say I am happy.

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