“Freedom” Fiction. Based on a True Lesson I Learned.

“Those days were so free, could I have one more?”

-Andrea Saenz


Fiction. Based on a True Lesson I Learned.

By Gracie

All journal entries are inspired by true events. Some of the characters, names, businesses, incidents, and certain locations and events have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

When we’re children we have such a unique freedom. We have the freedom to be whoever we want to be. Day by day we decide who we are, what we want, we start to discover ourselves. As children we don’t live with standards. We’re just kids. Our worst pain is falling and getting hurt or our parents taking away our toys.

As we grow we get to know the world. We start knowing what’s right and wrong, and what’s happiness and sadness. As you start to grow and live, you get to know yourself. But I believe, that nothing makes you grow more than pain. That first time you feel your heart break, that first time you lose someone, that first time that you cry deeply will transform you. As you experience pain, the more you change. How you handle pain says a lot about a person. Some humans don’t work well with dealing with pain, others are used to living with pain. Some change because of pain, some hit rock bottom. Others take advantage of that pain and use it as a motivation to hit the top.

Pain is a part of life, it’s what makes us human. Emotional pain and physical pain are so different. Physical pain is somewhat easier to manage, you almost everytime can take a pill to ease the pain. Emotional pain is so much more complex, a pill might help but it’s not always effective. Emotional pain can actually become physical pain. That’s how powerful our mind is, our mind will create pain when sometimes there isn’t. There’s pain that is inflicted by others, ourselves, and situations that are just out of our control. It’s different for everyone, no one can say the hurt more than another. Pain is pain, how we feel it is irrelevant. If one succumbs to it, it will swallow you whole. There is no way to escape it.

In the midst of pain, we think why? why me? why this? Everything has a reason. In the middle of all this pain you won’t see it, but after dealing with it, or coping with it, you will have learned something, you will become a stronger you.

In the midst of pain you want to become that little kid that his biggest worry was losing a toy. In the middle of the pain you forget that you can still be a kid. The freedom and happiness you once felt feels foreign. You can live freely. You can live laughing and playing. Life is short, don’t make everything a problem. You want to be a little kid? Be it. Go outside, go to a park and swing so high that you feel that you’re flying. Watch cartoons while lying on the floor just because it’s fun. Eat candy and enjoy it like it’s the best thing ever. Take a break from the pain and enjoy life, that’s something that can be done.

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