Visual Designer and Illustrator

TLSJ Vol. 2 + 3

Art/Speciality Coffee/Athlete


I began as an artist of fine arts but then I had the chance to learn a subject called graphic design which blends my fine art talent into a digital world. Currently, I’m a freelance visual designer that is currently focused on editorial and illustration design. I also doing crazy coffee in SPRO coffee which requires a lot of knowledge about coffee itself. Coffee community has extremely high human diversity. You won’t ever believe how much connection can be built through the coffee community. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, aerial silks and gymnastics.

I believe…

Many people have left fine art behind but it’s actually important. I study graphic design to enhance the connection between human’s soul and the technology. What I mean by that is I make the designs can truly tell people’s story in the era that high technology is everywhere. It’s not just asking questions and solving the problems. It’s also to show you want understand and feel the circumstance either it’s about a product or a person then deliver the message in the tech world but with human way. Just like understand art itself to me and use it to create the design effect.


I want to be an artist that improves the society in various ways but still remain true to humanity. That is my motivation of many things in my life. I want to be present. I want to meet more people and see more things. This purpose is for my career and it’s also for my life. To satisfy my own desire but also give back the society.
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