“Unborn” Fiction. Based on a True Love for the Earth.
I like to imagine/ I'm in the Earth's womb,/ still unborn, a parasite/ on her...
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“I Miss You” Fiction. Based on True Love that I Miss.
I miss your hands and how they would move through my hair or how they...
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“I’ve Never Spoken to the Moon” Fiction. Based on a Conversation with the Moon.
And the moon, she said, “Move on, She is a ghost Already to you,” and...
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“New York Lover” Fiction. Based on a True Song.
I wrote this song because I used to be in a long-distance relationship with a...
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“Poverty is a Disease” Fiction. Based on a True State of Economic Peril
Poverty is a disease. It’s terminal. It’s killing me. Killing our neighborhoods. Killing the people...
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Letters to Annabell : #2
What I do not expect them to do is complain about the journey like some...
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