“Spotlight.” Fiction. Based on a True Time of Reflection.
Why is it that whenever I map things out, I tend to stop halfway down...
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“Familiar Face of Fear” Fiction. Based on a True Glimmer of Hope.
With one last look at the empty street, I walk back into the house’s confines,...
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“Not the Life” Fiction. Based on a True Changing Mindset.
You’ve had a pretty negative perspective on everything lately. You keep thinking to yourself, “This...
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“Piano keys ?” 
It’s a paradoxical Jedi move The force is there. There are fixed supernatural laws that...
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“Something out of Nothing” Fiction. Based on a True Reaction to Flirtation
You know it’s so easy to get sucked into the mirror funhouse of emotions, being...
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“A Scottish Poem” Fiction. Based on a True Exploration of a Bonnie Land
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How is why. I know the words by themselves. But the context they’re used in...
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