“Seclusion” Fiction. Based on a True State of Mind.
You sit on the table by yourself and you hear it, silence. Complete and utter...
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“Paranormal Activity” Fiction. Based on True Internet Chats.
I’ve thought about you every morning when I wake up. Since the radio silence, my...
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“I Need a Vacation… From Myself” Fiction. Based on a True Struggle With My Body.
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You get dressed. You don’t need to see yourself to know that you don’t look...
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“Awe.” Fiction. Based on a True Self-Awareness.
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how could someone not love something so completely and unapologetically itself? how could you not...
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“A Letter of Bitterness to Betterness”
It took me a long time to get the strength to write to you. Not...
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You’re not angry with the Orthodox man. You are just more stubborn when it comes...
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