Wanting Everything
My mother lights the first shaky candle, and sets it in my hands. She turns...
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“Separation.” Fiction. Based on a True Fiction.
These words bespeak volumes of heartfelt loss and subsequent separation. And these special events of...
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“Owed Ode.” Fiction. Based on a True Feeling of Loss.
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We can be happy that the rest of us are living, but why can’t we...
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“A Beginning and an End.” Fiction. Based on a True Lived Experience.
I've been here before, many times. Each time it gets harder and harder because I'm...
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700. Fiction. Based on a True Long Distance Relationship.
And home didn’t feel like Home. My Home was 700 scornful miles away and my...
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Backyard. Fiction. Based on a True Slowing of the Clock.
"While I grew into a stationary being, Time had decided to give me a gift...
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