running away

“Purchasing New to Forget the Old”
Of course, it’s because of the pandemic that you’ve closed in on this aisle of...
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“Pontius Pilate.” Fiction. Based on a True Step Work.
judgemental hypocrites. Focus on your own salvation! Stop worrying about mine. And boom. First download...
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“What Have You Been Ignoring?” Fiction. Based on a True Monkey Mind.
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What will it take to rip you out of your orbit and thrown spiraling into...
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“Overworking Yourself” Fiction. Based on a True Story of Hard Work.
It’s late nights, early mornings and restless nights. It’s drinking more coffee throughout the day...
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“Riptide” Fiction. Based on a True Uncomfortable Reminder.
I was there for the fallout but then I disappeared when it was time to...
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