“Car Mats” by Mingjie Zhai
Victim shaming was the tactic that both he and his attorney had agreed on, and...
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“Imagine” by Mingjie Zhai
She mustered up the courage to tell him the truth at the expense of looking...
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“Triggered” by Mingjie Zhai
The red flags were there when I first met him. He had bragged that the...
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“Gaslit” by Mingjie Zhai
The truth is not complicated either “I said I love you because I was hoping...
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“Goodbye Lover” By Scarlett Jane
I am letting go of all of those drunken nights spent together. I am letting...
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Kweisi Gharreau “Forgive”
“Well, when I state that I was soaked in hate on a cesspool of my...
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Tim Ringgold “The Blues”
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“You’re already sad. The reason you are drawn to the music is because that is...
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He taught me the ways and I soon learned the knots we hold in our...
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Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant
After all, I’m not writing for them. Every war book ever written was written for...
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