“Ms. Elle Mae” Fiction. Based on a True Friendship.
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Lke the women who bathed Jesus’ feet, I felt that I’d prepared her. Maybe that’s...
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“The Man” Fiction. Based on a True Look at Homelessness
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Maybe it’s the small actions of life that change the course of a person’s life.
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“The Hidden Kingdom” Fiction. Based on a True Day in the Woods.
It's strange how much you can't see because it's right below your level of perception....
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“Hush-Hush” Fiction. Based on a True Audio-book.
Tied, secured infinitely; nothing could forfeit. Lulling her to sleep with whispered spells My secret...
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“A Letter of Betrayal” Fiction. Based on a True Story of Betraying the One You Love.
We struggled through this, neither of us knowing what to do. I asked if you...
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