“April 25” Fiction. Based on a True Almost Milestone
Writing helped me connect with others. I wrote for them: my niece, my classmates, younger...
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“Lady in Red” Fiction. Based on a True Visit to Ostrog Monastery.
The Love Story Wireframes to show the power of the character arch, as in synonymous...
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“Listeners” Fiction. Based on a True Friendship.
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Because you are my listener. You’re someone I know I can go to whenever I...
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“Sun is a Star” Fiction. Based on a True Thought About the Universe.
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Our own Sun is a star, The largest high-mass star is 8M. You may have...
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“I Wanna Be Me” Fiction Based on a True Wish for the Future
I wanna be one of those good, ole, praying mama's with a twinkle in her...
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“The Measure of Greatness” Fiction. Based on a True Autobiography Reading
Maybe greatness isn’t measured by your past. Maybe it’s measured by your present and what...
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