“In Life’s Laboratory” Fiction. Based on a True Series of Flops.
I see all my stuff arrayed-- Prototypes that look good but don’t function. Things I...
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Stars Will Fall
even our most well-preserved of memories will be gone. we will dissipate, with grace or...
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“What Planet is Throwing A Tantrum In the Sky Right Now?” Fiction. Based on a True Experience with Growing Pains.
It’s alarming. I am fuckin’ tired. This woman challenges me day and night. Every Monday...
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“Overworking Yourself” Fiction. Based on a True Story of Hard Work.
It’s late nights, early mornings and restless nights. It’s drinking more coffee throughout the day...
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“Toxic Love Addict” Based on a True Story of Being Addicted to Toxic Love
You’re addicted to the pain that comes with love. Love shouldn’t be pain, but you...
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“I Should Love” Fiction. Based on a True Conversation.
smiling, smiling, smiling, smiling, through words that come pouring out that i don’t think are...
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