“Bubble Bath on Sunday Morning” Fiction. Based on a True Struggle on Death.
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Wishing it washes away her thoughts to feed the flowers, she thinks of giving back...
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“Do You Miss the Earth?” Fiction. Based on a True Love Letter Unsent.
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If life is a promise then you are sure good at breaking your word.
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“Every Sunday”
I go there because the suffering of not going where you are is too much...
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“Let the Hurt Girl Speak” Fiction. Based on a True Place to Speak
Let the hurt girl speak. Let her hurt, Let her heal, Let her be her.
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“You Know” Fiction. Based on a True Void.
You don’t want to know what he was doing, but you need to know. You...
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“Afloat.” Fiction. Based on a True Labor of Love.
wet sand at the bottom will feel like between my toes, what everyone else will...
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“Message Sent Failed” Fiction. Based on a True Text.
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You sigh while a tear falls down your left eye. You know it’s for the...
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“Paranormal Activity” Fiction. Based on True Internet Chats.
I’ve thought about you every morning when I wake up. Since the radio silence, my...
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