“Paranormal Activity” Fiction. Based on True Internet Chats.
I’ve thought about you every morning when I wake up. Since the radio silence, my...
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How Are You? Fiction. Based on a True Question that Needs to Be Asked
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So, next time you see someone who doesn’t look okay, ask them: “How are you?...
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“Missing You.” Fiction. Based on a True Denial.
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you smile and im breathless, wind knocked out of me you laugh, and i am...
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“The Edge of Night.” Fiction. Based on a True Divide.
i am on the rooftop gazing at the twinkling sky the city and the stars...
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“Roadkill.” Fiction. Based on a True Therapy Session.
I’ve laid in silence Enough to know that A depressed soul is a Animate ghost,...
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I Saw You. Fiction. Based on a True Dream.
I know you’re smiling now, like you always were. I hate writing ‘were’. I wish...
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