“Stretch Marks” Fiction. Based on a True Relationship with my Body.
My self-esteem with my physical appearance is usually okay. I prefer to wear leggings in...
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“Eating Strawberries with the Saints” Fiction. Based on a True Fellowship Brunch.
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The Will of God they try hard not to bend. When my heart is broken,...
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“Charlotte’s Web” Fiction. Based on a True Pitch to Good Charlotte.
...your cause big enough and your stand worthy enough, and God is great enough for...
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“The Night” Fiction. Based on a True Battle with Anxiety.
Beneath the pressing weight, another rises up. Something I keep sealed away—the part of me...
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“Language Barrier” Fiction. Based on a True Moment of Self-Awakening.
I told you all my secrets. But I have something that I kept to myself....
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“Narcissistic Glow”
The first thing I need to understand from how I became a narcissist is that...
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