“Car Mats” by Mingjie Zhai
Victim shaming was the tactic that both he and his attorney had agreed on, and...
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“Once Bitten, Twice Shy” By Mingjie Zhai
But the ambition was torment. So many times she had imagined what her life would...
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“Robot Hearts”
She understood perhaps only a third of what he was saying. She was mesmerized by...
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What turned off the switch?
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The nights are the worst. Because I hate going to the same cold bed and...
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Matt Milano “Inspired”
“I might as well provide this for something where people can see it rather than...
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Irreverent Warriors “Give Meaning”
“It was the love I have for the guys I served with that motivated me...
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Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant
After all, I’m not writing for them. Every war book ever written was written for...
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Wolf Cry
“If I wasn’t nervous at all, that would mean that I was doing stuff that...
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Silence in the car. Kyle is with me, and he is silent as well. Usually,...
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Birds of a Feather
We’ve worked almost every job together, had slumber parties almost all of our childhood nights,...
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