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You still inspire poetry.
I can't stand the fact I care. I can’t stand the fact I ever cared....
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A River and a Bridge
you have had to choose yourself. over and over again, choose yourself, because nobody else...
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You hold up glittery, ugly, obnoxious earrings to your ears, grinning at her in the...
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For a moment, it wasn’t about you. Or me. Maybe it wasn’t even about her....
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Above and Beyond
Someone recently told me that you said, in the last few days she had spoken...
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“A Letter of Heartbreak” Fiction. Based on a True First Heartbreak.
My memories will die with me one day. But my words? Those will be forever....
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“Holding a Feeling” Fiction. Based on a True Heartbreak
You can try. You can dream. You can wish for that Feeling to stay forever,...
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“Brooklyn Tree” Fiction. Based on a True Unconscious Heartbreak.
“I am here.” Beat beat. Beat. “I have the right to live.” Beat beat. Beat...
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