generational trauma

“Sighed the Snake” Fiction. Based on a True Serpent.
"Something I have never dealt with before." - Kweisi Gharreau "Sighed the Snake" Fiction. Based...
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“It’s Always in June” Fiction. Based on a True Depressive Episode.
Horrible thoughts come from nowhere, and most of these words have no evidence for them...
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“My Favorite Needle” Fiction. Based on a True Struggle with Generational Trauma.
I lean back into the tattoo chair and do my best to relax as Halee...
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You’re not angry with the Orthodox man. You are just more stubborn when it comes...
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“The Fuckening” Fiction. Based on a True Thing That Happened
The women of my generation, Gen X, were taught our value lay in our attractiveness....
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“Piano keys ?” 
It’s a paradoxical Jedi move The force is there. There are fixed supernatural laws that...
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