“Love Note to my Grandfather” Fiction. Based on a True Disease that has Taken.
Humans. We are so strong, so resilient, so alive. However, we are also very fragile....
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“Before You Know It” Fiction. Based on a True Story about Change.
The way to the corner store was relatively straight except for the left turn three...
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“The Ides of March” Fiction. Based on a True Ray of Sunlight.
Just as distracted as I am. Mind in a million places. But like hummingbirds never...
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“Six Months” Fiction. Based on a True Dream Six Months Ago
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Our mid 20 something heroine gets out of bed. The house is quiet. The desert...
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“Words The Rede Fulfill” Fiction. Based on a True Spiritual Path.
I am followed by five demons: Anorexia nervosa, major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, self-harm...
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“Grief is a Funny Thing” Fiction. Based on a True Reflection of Grief
Sometimes you beg for the ghosts to vanish and take the pain with them, But...
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