“I Am Your Hair” Fiction. Based on a True Haircut I Dreaded but Needed.
I am your safety net. Styled to perfection,  no one can see your imperfections.
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Wanting Everything
My mother lights the first shaky candle, and sets it in my hands. She turns...
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Stars Will Fall
even our most well-preserved of memories will be gone. we will dissipate, with grace or...
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“A Mirror” Fiction. Based on a True Reflection.
Don’t trust a mirror. It shows all the imperfections.
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“Leap of Faith.” Fiction. Based on a True Series of Stories.
If you never leave the cage, you have only dreams of flight... Is freedom a...
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“The Birdcage” Fiction. Based on a True Period of Mourning.
I thought you existed too in the agonies of a thousand screams.
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