“I Want to Write Something For You” Fiction. Based on a True Appreciation for a Beautiful Soul.
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I always wanted to treat you delicately because you were so precious to me.
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“I Am So Embarrassed” Fiction. Based on a True Battle With My Low Self Esteem.
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“I am so embarrassed! I dead-ass can’t keep my shit together! I am a fuckin’...
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“Toxic Love Addict” Based on a True Story of Being Addicted to Toxic Love
You’re addicted to the pain that comes with love. Love shouldn’t be pain, but you...
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“Breathless.” Fiction. Based on a True Ache.
there are so many others, could you be the best?
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“You Know” Fiction. Based on a True Void.
You don’t want to know what he was doing, but you need to know. You...
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“Message Sent Failed” Fiction. Based on a True Text.
You sigh while a tear falls down your left eye. You know it’s for the...
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