“My Hair” Fiction. Based on a True Battle with My Low Self-Esteem.
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You never acknowledged how much a person’s perception of their appearance could reflect poorly upon...
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“It’s Always in June” Fiction. Based on a True Depressive Episode.
Horrible thoughts come from nowhere, and most of these words have no evidence for them...
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“Missing You.” Fiction. Based on a True Denial.
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you smile and im breathless, wind knocked out of me you laugh, and i am...
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“The Edge of Night.” Fiction. Based on a True Divide.
i am on the rooftop gazing at the twinkling sky the city and the stars...
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“Train Ride” Fiction. Based on a True Trip Down the Hall.
Someday these tender moments will go away. You will lose them. The affection fades over...
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“Three Wise Men” Fiction. Based on True Friendships with Three Arabian Men.
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You’ve been writing the story of how Adam cursed himself when he made the effort...
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“Unfairy Tale” Fiction. Based on a True Remembering.
Upon remembering, the young woman lifted the hem of her gown and saw old scars...
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“Hoarding.” Fiction. Based on a True Hoarding Problem.
So I made lists. to remember, until I started hoarding those too, and then I...
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