“Page 13” Fiction. Based on a True Humbling Down.
Not this crazy woman who writes long letters and then rejects me. Not this woman...
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“Butterflies” Fiction. Based on a True Love Letter.
I don’t know much, but I know enough to know that transformation comes in pairs....
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“Music Family” by Nancy Yeang
Within these human interactions, whether it’s writing and producing a song from start to end...
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“Robot Hearts”
She understood perhaps only a third of what he was saying. She was mesmerized by...
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“Alchemy” by Mingjie Zhai
Your smile melts into the ether where your dreams of what could’ve been went a...
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My Soulcry
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fear will evanesce in the midst of hope as the heavenly light makes a way...
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Tim Ringgold “The Blues”
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“You’re already sad. The reason you are drawn to the music is because that is...
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The Illusion of Reality
You want me to create perfection in a world so full of flaws To have...
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The Haiku
Tendrils of sorrow hang suspended veiled in pain cocooned icy cold
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