“Burned” Fiction. Based on a True Sense of Purpose
It’s a small reminder of those who have gone before you and have gotten burned.
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“Les Etoiles”
but not just any man, but a kind of man that represents the dove...hope...and that...
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“The Man” Fiction. Based on a True Look at Homelessness
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Maybe it’s the small actions of life that change the course of a person’s life.
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“The Real Magdalene”
while I was inside the Sistine Chapel looking at the fresco of The Last Judgement,...
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“2nd Guessing the 2nd Coming” Fiction. Based on a True Nightmare.
As the Raven came tapping, rapping at my chamber door. I scramble to plant my...
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Shadow integration. The Batman Playbook. You referenced Batman in The Producer’s Playbook—Only Batman knows how to deal...
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