Matt Milano “Inspired”
“I might as well provide this for something where people can see it rather than...
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Julia Price “Open Your Heart”
“Going through those breakups can actually and completely open up your heart and show vulnerability...
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Irreverent Warriors “Give Meaning”
“It was the love I have for the guys I served with that motivated me...
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Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant
After all, I’m not writing for them. Every war book ever written was written for...
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I held her closely, just glad she was alive. She cried into my shirt, and...
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The tick-tocking explodes in my ears. Day mares happen that recognize fears. I see nothing,...
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Keeping It Real
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I met my current boyfriend by chance. We met at a party, and he asked...
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I Keep on Falling
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Her voice holds the charm and her beauty is a quiet strength, both dancing with...
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Wait a Minute
Fresh, femme and fierce: the self-manifested motto that Antonique Smith lives, works and conducts herself...
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