“Closing” Fiction. Based on a True Event from my Life.
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Focusing the day into hours breaks it down to bite-sized chunks that are easier to...
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“The Night” Fiction. Based on a True Battle with Anxiety.
Beneath the pressing weight, another rises up. Something I keep sealed away—the part of me...
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“Belly of the Beast” Fiction. Based on a True Altercation.
There is nothing like the feeling of not belonging. Wherever I go, something is amiss....
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“Postmodern Brain”
It is only when that vastness mirrors the ground, that there is trouble because fear...
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“Forever Endeavor” Fiction. Based on True Self Love
Because you can’t make someone love you no matter how hard you try or want...
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“Silence of the Lambs” Fiction. Based on a True Convo 2016 Elections.
Think for yourself. Why the fuck would the mention of underage children in “heated pool”...
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