“I’m Sorry” Fiction. Based on a True Relationship That Could’ve Been.
I’m sorry it took so long to say I’m sorry and how I really was...
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“I Need to Be Me” Fiction. Based on a True Self-Discovery.
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I want a life for me before I can create one with you.
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“Fix me?” Fiction. Based on a True Realization.
I wanted to fix him, but not as much as I wanted him to fix...
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I Saw You. Fiction. Based on a True Dream.
I know you’re smiling now, like you always were. I hate writing ‘were’. I wish...
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“Assorted Thoughts.” Fiction. Based on a True Collection of Thoughts
I’m a patchwork of bits and odd ends, crumpled bits and loose hair sticking to...
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“Vail Blues”
Perhaps that is the one thing you and I are both struggling with. Perhaps, we...
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