Taura Stinson-Inspired

“Too Young.” Fiction. Based on a True Youth.
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Gliding through life underground and unaware. and my pen wilts in my hand, old and...
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“Spiderwebs.” Fiction. Based on a True Art Class.
And so the rainbow disappeared in a shadow of wax. With the edge of a...
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“The Ides of March” Fiction. Based on a True Ray of Sunlight.
Just as distracted as I am. Mind in a million places. But like hummingbirds never...
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“Relative Truth” Fiction. Based on a True Plush Tiger.
The tiger whispered to me, each of its statements horrendous lies. I believed them, because...
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“Stretch Marks” Fiction. Based on a True Relationship with my Body.
My self-esteem with my physical appearance is usually okay. I prefer to wear leggings in...
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“The Girl Who Lied”
You came to Warsaw to observe how evil can manifest in a city that was...
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