“The Interview” Fiction. Based on a True Desire to be Self-Sufficient.
They are not mine for the taking but are instead my birthright. You promised them...
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“Lady in Red” Fiction. Based on a True Visit to Ostrog Monastery.
The Love Story Wireframes to show the power of the character arch, as in synonymous...
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“Sandy Toes” Fiction. Based on a True Change of Heart.
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She didn’t care if my sister and I got sand in her car or made...
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“I Wanna Be Me” Fiction Based on a True Wish for the Future
I wanna be one of those good, ole, praying mama's with a twinkle in her...
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“What I May Have Missed” Fiction. Based on a True Nerf Battle Casualty.
We both burst into hysterical laughter. And to think I'd almost missed a moment like...
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