“Mad” Fiction. Based on a True Coming to Terms With Someone Else’s Addiction.
Every moment in between two actions is life. Anthropologists use the term ‘liminality’ to define...
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“Myself and My Love” Fiction. Based on a True Conversation in My Mind.
Your very being exudes love. Why? Because you exist. And existence is love. To love...
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“Time (in a Tree).” Fiction. Based on a True Childhood
Yellow and red leaves means the green leaves are dying. And I have never seen...
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“The Music in My Bones.” Fiction. Based on a True Drive to Work.
Even if that means I listen to the same six songs on repeat for hours...
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“Love Is Impatient, Love is Cruel” Fiction. Based on a True Feline.
My theory is that they reminisce on the wonderfully ‘romantic’ moments, the ones that produced...
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I Keep on Falling
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Her voice holds the charm and her beauty is a quiet strength, both dancing with...
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