Artist-Inspired Journal Entries

“A Letter of Bitterness to Betterness”
It took me a long time to get the strength to write to you. Not...
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You’re not angry with the Orthodox man. You are just more stubborn when it comes...
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“The Good Shepherd”
The First Night in Bethlehem, West Bank. You hear laughter, clapping, family singing, and music. The...
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“Breathe” Fiction. Based on a True Journey
However, while she's sitting there trying to calm down, she can’t get the image of...
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“I Don’t Dance.” Fiction. Based on a True Attempt at Dancing.
I don’t dance Because I don’t know what to do with my arms and legs....
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“The Creator.” Fiction. Based on a True Exploration of My Body.
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No one ever tells you to be ashamed, but the shaming comes from everyone. The...
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