Letting Go comes in all different shapes and sizes. For Britz, it came in the form of finding her home in this 500-acre cattle ranch in the West Kootenay mountains in Nelson, British Columbia had to offer. After years of feeling isolated and bullied growing up in high school, it was at Shambhala that she became inspired to express herself.

After having met and interviewed Britz, I really got a sense of my own vulnerabilities being expressed in her words–the anxiety of caring too much about what people thought about me. Am I coming off too strong? Is it weird to talk about feeling sad and depressed to people? Am I pretty enough for the cool girl clique? Are people going to make fun of me wearing makeup?

At Shambhala, all labels are welcomed so all judgments melt away. Meeting Britz was seeing the inner girl in myself bloom. The wild white of her hair said it all–


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