Viviany Alicea

“Wake Up!” Fiction. Based on a True Anger I need to Let Go.
You’re too busy in your own world you’ve created. Everything is so sad in your...
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“A Woman” Fiction. Based on a True Stereotype That Needs to Change.
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Why do women fight with other women? Women have enough problems against themselves, why add...
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“I Need a Vacation… From Myself” Fiction. Based on a True Struggle With My Body.
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You get dressed. You don’t need to see yourself to know that you don’t look...
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How Are You? Fiction. Based on a True Question that Needs to Be Asked
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So, next time you see someone who doesn’t look okay, ask them: “How are you?...
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“Are You Going to Break my Heart?” Fiction. Based on a True Vulnerable Beginning.
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Because once you get your heart broken you’re never the same. Having a broken heart...
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