The Love Story Creatives

Meeting Britz was seeing the inner girl in myself bloom. The wild white of her...
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He taught me the ways and I soon learned the knots we hold in our...
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Embarrassing Confessions of a Marine Lieutenant
After all, I’m not writing for them. Every war book ever written was written for...
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Beneath My Heartbreak I Found Myself
I miss you every single day. I miss your touch, I miss our connection, I...
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Unstuck from Time and Space
If there is a hell on earth that was it and I went through it...
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Heart won't dismiss Heart won't forgive I'll burn this bed Fire, release my pain Fire,...
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I held her closely, just glad she was alive. She cried into my shirt, and...
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The New Deal
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I moved to DC with my boyfriend over 4 years ago. At the time, we...
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Discovering Happiness
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Getting a house car and everything everyone wants in life and feeling empty. Then the...
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