The Love Story Creatives

“Bites” Fiction. Based on a True Scattered Thinking.
"Your destiny to love the whole world. People think a soulmate is your perfect fit, but...
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“City Terrace” Fiction. Based on a True Los Angeles Kiss.
“You don’t see that in Europe?” “No, I don’t. Not in Berlin either. And what’s...
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“She Wept” Fiction. Based on a True Weeping.
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Angelie started crying. Not for the girl being possessed, but for the daemon itself. To...
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“Buckets Full”
I get it. You don’t love me. I accept it the way people suffer on...
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“Page 13” Fiction. Based on a True Humbling Down.
Not this crazy woman who writes long letters and then rejects me. Not this woman...
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Mike Kim
Mike Kim Junior Web Developer "I'm a Web Developer. I'm motivated by enabling others to...
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“Butterflies” Fiction. Based on a True Love Letter.
I don’t know much, but I know enough to know that transformation comes in pairs....
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“Iconoclast” by Benjamin Villanueva
The Phoenician sky is fragmented light bending at the frequencies which produce, within the human...
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