The Love Story Creatives

Annalyn Miller
My hope and goal for my life is to use my skills and time to...
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“Poison Apple” Fiction. Based on a True Letter to Trifling Ex. 
For awhile I was looking for men that were completely your opposite--adventurous, non-committal, exciting, etc....
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“The Spiritual Warrior”
"Life is precious. It doesn't get better than winning souls, encouraging, and helping." -Mel Novak.
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“Phoenix Rising”
This path is leading me to continue teaching meditation & breathing techniques on how to...
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“Master Teacher” Fiction. Based on a True Master Teacher.
The way you can attract a business partner you so desire is when you be...
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“Silence of the Lambs” Fiction. Based on a True Convo 2016 Elections.
Think for yourself. Why the fuck would the mention of underage children in “heated pool”...
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