The Love Story Creatives

“Electrons on the Highwire” Fiction. Based on a True Scrolling on Pinterest.
A few characters here and there solely to create your own Eden through electrons on...
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To Engaged Girls
Another one gone, Another story that stops here. I look at the receiver of your...
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In the end I won the battle we fought Except sometimes it feels all for...
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How could one person make me question everything I thought was true and good about...
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“Better Left Unsaid?” Fiction. Based on a True Sickness That Needs To Be Talked About More.
If something physically hurts, you go to the doctor. People take vitamins and supplements to...
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“I Am Your Hair” Fiction. Based on a True Haircut I Dreaded but Needed.
I am your safety net. Styled to perfection,  no one can see your imperfections.
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