The Love Story Creatives

“Expulsion” Fiction. Based on a True Attempt to Forget.
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You erased yourself from my life, like some kind of magic trick: is it so...
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“Every Sunday”
I go there because the suffering of not going where you are is too much...
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“Let the Hurt Girl Speak” Fiction. Based on a True Place to Speak
Let the hurt girl speak. Let her hurt, Let her heal, Let her be her.
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“Dear Self” Fiction. Based on a True Conversation.
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And then I looked to you, and you were there. Bigger than I had ever...
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“Cerulean” Fiction. Based on a True Loving
Ever present in the skips of my heart When I see that color staring back...
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Rebecca Whitney
I feel pain. It is my goal to be a storyteller and to learn from...
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